Women of Poise and Purpose

The Society of Femmes, Inc. 

I was like you, searching and searching for a sisterhood that embodied everything lovely, feminine and strong.

Crystal Murrell -Founder of Society of Femmes, Inc.


The Society has a loyal sisterhood of women.  We seek to increase and add to our membership of loyal sisters.  We offer friendship through the building up of all the things in your life that matter to you.  Our Sister Tribe is based on solid friendships,  improvement of self, and relationships.  Our Sisters are eclectic, diverse, funny, friendly, and all embracing.  We cherish the sacred bond and the circle of trust we experience within our Sisterhood.


As leaders in our communities, members of the Society fight against social injustices in our own communities.  We have several ways that express our H.U.M.anitarian efforts.  One of the most important ways is by being actively involved in our own communities where we can make the biggest impact.  We also offer leadership and personal development to our members.


Service is an important part of who we are. We think, feel, and breathe community service. We have monthly initiatives that involve us giving back to our communities through grassroots efforts.  It is when  we give to others that we are truly giving of ourselves. No other organization will you find such diverse and fulfilling ways to give of a precious commodity you cannot get back -time.